Cosmos Magazine: Summer 2017/2018: Issue 77


In the Summer 2017 issue-

The art of Patricia Piccinini by Elizabeth Finkel
Some scientists viewed her work as dystopian and fanciful. But with the oeditingo of human
embryos now a reality, Piccinini's work is a compelling statement of the Brave New World we
are entering.

Hiroshi Ishiguro- android maker. By Elizabeth Finkel
A portrait of the world's most infamous android maker. His creations are already being put
to work to nurse elderly Japanese, and connect with autistic children. But Ishiguro's real
mission is to discover what it means to be human.

Gallery of art inspired by science. Artists include- Margaret Wertheim, Mira Gojak, Jon
Lomberg, Luke Jerram

Four artists discuss how science has inspired one of their works.

Retrieving memories by Fiona McMillan
While much is known about how new memories are inscribed into the circuitry of the brain,
the retrieval mechanism has long been a mystery. New research is providing clues.

Broome's Jurassic Park by John Pickrell
For millennia, the tracks left by dinosaurs were a part of the indigenous dreaming. But a
new generation of scientifically-minded custodians, have opened up the trackways to
palaeontologists. It has unveiled a rich new chapter in Australia's dinosaur history.

The Search for Cosmic Strings- Cracks in the Cosmos by Cathal O'Connell
If you freeze a glass of water, it will never forms one continuous perfect crystal--
there are always defects, tiny cracks invisible to the eye that separate adjacent
regions of ice. Physicists think the same thing happened during the creation of the
universe, forming cracks, called 'cosmic strings' running through the cosmos.
Gravitational wave observatories, like LIGO, have recently transformed the once
hypothetical notion of gravitational waves into a reality. They promise to do the
same for cosmic strings, by listening out for the universe-quaking crack when two of
them collide.


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