Rewriting Prehistory with the Javanese Pyramid Gunung Padang

Author(s): Narada Dan Vantari

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International interest in the Javanese pyramid of Gunung Padang has been growing since its discovery in 2011 by geologist Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja. Alternative history researchers such as Graham Hancock, Dr Robert Schoch, Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman, and Dr Sam Osmanagic have all visited the site and been duly impressed that it is the remains of an antediluvian civilization. The site was constructed in phases over many thousands of years. The oldest levels have produced carbon datings in the realm of 23,000 to 28,000 years before present.

This lushly illustrated book will introduce you to the mysteries of Gunung Padang and familiarize you with the basic story of its rediscovery. It will also argue that our version of prehistory is in need of a major revision due to this site and other discoveries such as Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey. A new story of our ancient past has been crystalizing over the last few decades due to the work of independant researchers, new technological tools, and ongoing archaeological investigations.

The vast quantity and quality of superb stonework and pyramid building around the planet simply cannot be explained in the current paradigm. The research clearly points to there having been at least one globe-spanning civilization before our own, and that it was destroyed by dramatic the sea level rise at the sudden end of the last ice age around 11,600 years ago. At that time one of the locations that suffered the greatest loss of land was Indonesia which had been a S.E. Asian subcontinent known as Sundaland. No doubt it would have been prime real estate for any civilization at that time.

We would like to thank the many alternative history researchers who have done so much to enlighten us about the mysteries of our past: geologist Dr Hilman-Natawidjaja who rediscovered Gunung Padang and wrote 'Plato Never Lied - Atlantis is in Indonesia, Prof Santos who wrote, Dhani Irwanto who wrote,

Freeing humanity from the limitations of our old belief system about our origins is a necessary major step towards freedom from the oppressive control systems that have been running our society for millenia. Research at sites such as Gunung Padang can help to shift the paradigm and create a sustainable future.


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